Dec 13, 2009

Mostly everything is changing, Mostly everything has it limits.

All of this years..i've been trying to do my best. but it's never enough.
Why....? I never knew the answer..but i keep on doing what i thought was write.
I've been a lot of hard time..and it's so damn tired while dealing with it. fuckin' tired.
But the thing is..all this hard-struggle-pain-in-the-ass do have teach me something.
Something that gonna make u stronger than before.
Thanx to all my friends and girlfriend(s) that always stand beside me.
Thanx to my mom and dad..that really2 understanding and doesnt have much to complaint 'bout me. Thanx to Allah s.w.t that still let me breath..in the back of my mind..i always ask myself.."how long..how many years do i have left..? do i managed to get back to the right path..? or i'll never gonna make it?"
I hope these thoughts..never gonna leave me. So that, i'll always be alert...always step on the ground..and always have a chance to find the way back.

I really appreciate my life..no matter how hard it is, there's always something..that u can learn.
u cant blame anyone if u had a miserable life..it's God who want to teach u to become stronger..and it's up to u how u're gonna deal with it. There's always a reason why, even it is fate, doesnt mean u have to surrender just like that. So to all my friends out there, no matter how shitty u felt bout your life, just believe in Allah, believe in yourself. Be strong.

p/s: sorry if broken english. haha.

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