Dec 8, 2010

Testing Number 2

Orite. This is my 2nd attempt composing entry using my phone. Haha. Thanks to Akhmil who help me to figure this out. I'm rarely updating my blog..because ketandusan idea and pretty busy gak la..workloads, gigs and I'm too tired to type! Haha. It has been a hectic months since October..and this week I've my band's last show for this year I guess..it will be held in Singapore. So me and my grrl take this opportunity of this gig trip as one of our vacation plan..and I do really hope everything be ok according to plan.

As my apology (sebab asyik bg alasan je x update blog..haha) tatapi la gambar marco yg membuatkan aku terasa girlish akibat kecomelan beliau masa aku baru balik kerja tadi. Haha.

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1 comment:

ckindollah said...

dh besau dh si marco nie...