Feb 25, 2011

Giving Up, Start Over, Be New Again.

How far will you go with your passion? Doin' something by your heart is the only thing that keep us breathing. Keep us on the track. Keep us happy. When things doesnt go as plan, try to find other alternative way. As long as it can full-filled what you desire. As long as it keep you feel alive.

Heart is the key. When you cant put your heart in it, you cant make it. I always told that to myself. I still have it burning inside myself. The fire. The fire that drive my passion to the limits. My passion in making music, playing music. I didnt know when will i gave up on everything. Sure one day it will come. But not now. I still have a lot of things to do. A lot of things that i havent tried yet. I dont care bout money. Yes money is important. But more or less in what i put for my passion, i dont expect to gain money. It's all about satisfaction, and happy moments.

In your life, dont blame luck. As long as you have something you like, then its all good. Be happy. Live your life to the fullest guys.

Poyo je kan aku type dlm english. Hehe.

Mase post entri ni lagu ni yg kuar. Emosi sekejap. Emmure - Last Words To Rose

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